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Physiotherapy & Acupuncture with Jennie Longbottom

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Jennie LongbottomJennie Longbottom is a specialist physiotherapist dealing principally with persistent pain and Women’s / Men’s health issues. She is a Fellow of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy [CSP] and has worked extensively within the NHS and in Private Practice.

Jennie will use a combination of evidence based clinical reasoning in Physiotherapy to assess the problem presented, which may be treated with manual therapy, exercises and a rehabilitation programme; acupuncture may be used to enhance these interventions. For clients presenting with more complex issues, a traditional Chinese medical [TCM] assessment of pain, headaches / migraines, gynaecological, urinary or hormonal problems, Acupuncture may be used initially to alter the presenting mechanism and then followed up with other physiotherapy interventions. All treatment interventions are geared to the individual and based upon current research to offer the best available treatment for each case presented.

Acupuncture is used to augment pain relief and tissue healing, but also to improve sleep, anxiety, assist depression and assist the body in restoring health and balance [known as homeostasis]. The use of Acupuncture is determined after careful assessment, to promote the nervous system and brain to release chemicals that enhance sleep [melatonin], assist mood [serotonin], improve blood supply [tissue healing] and a number of hormone regulating chemicals to assist in pre-menstrual syndrome, menopause and similar conditions.

She will discuss this mechanism with relevance to your condition when treatment planning takes place. The number and placement of needles is determined by what responses are required and may not be in the area of your problem.

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Pain Management

Pain is a complex condition ranging from minor discomfort to more complex presentations such as fibromyalgia syndrome, complex regional pain, phantom limb pain and neuropathic pain experienced in other illnesses such as cancer & diabetic neuropathy. No one diagnosis and treatment fits all. An in-depth assessment is needed to uncover the prevailing pain mechanism, make a diagnosis and develop a treatment plan.

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